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Jacobsen Seminars, Inc.

Jacobsen Seminars, Inc.

We Bring Online or Onsite Training to You!

Who We Are

John and Mark Jacobsen are Jacobsen Business Seminars, Inc.’s founders and owners. The brother team has authored international top-selling books entitled “Soft Skills,” “Conversations on Customer Service & Sales,” “Weapons of Mass Instruction,” and “The Kids in Trance Program.” They have consulted for more than 1,500 companies and addressed more than 1,000,000 people in workshops and seminars throughout the United States, including our government. John and Mark are recognized as America’s preeminent, leading authorities in soft-skills training. As keynote speakers, coaches, corporate trainers, and seminar leaders, they address many people each year on topics such as Leadership, Surviving Change, Workplace Negativity, Customer Service, Stress Management, Emotional Control, Communication Mastery, Time Management, and more.

Some Clients Include

United States Army, United States Marines, United States Department of Chemical Defense, United Defense, ICE, United States Department of Homeland Security, Pepsi Cola, Alcon Surgical Laboratories, Interlake Steamship Company, Tyson Foods, Johnson & Johnson, Subaru of America, Disney, Lourdes Medical Center, Monmouth Medical Center, Union County College, Brookdale Community College, Comcast, Corning Inc., AT&T, Federal Home Loan Bank, Manasquan Bank, GPU Energy, West Virginia University, Ugg Footwear, Nestles, VCare Technology, Rutgers University, Warren County College, Ashley Furniture, The Institute for Infections and Inflammatory Diseases, Advanced Gastroenterology, South Jersey Industries, New Jersey Resources, Elizabethtown Gas, Norwest Mortgage, The YMCA.

Our Steadfast Mission Statement

To convert our clients into raving fans by providing the most effective Soft Skills Training available anywhere. We utilize an energetic, empathetic, and humorous teaching style, ensuring our training will enhance productivity, engagement, morale, and attitude.



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Offering Courses In:







Soft Skills

Soft Skills are also known as “People Skills,” and yours must be well-developed if you hope to land a respectable job in today’s climate. By purchasing this book, you’re making a significant investment in your career and earning potential whether you’re looking for a new job or changing careers. Or, perhaps you’re already employed and want to accelerate your career. Prospectors, head-hunters, and hiring managers are now focusing on hiring character and personality. Yes, your education and technical skills are still relevant. However, your “market value” is significantly diminished if you have a negative attitude, rarely smile, lack customer service skills, can’t navigate conflict, or are a poor communicator. This remarkable book will show you how to master the superstar soft skills and effectively improve your communication style, nail your interview, increase your market value, develop your charisma, resolve conflict, deal with negativity, build assertiveness, master your time, improve your productivity, and cultivate a healthy, contagious personality. With these invaluable soft skills under your belt, you’ll be on the fast track to a more fulfilling, higher-paying career. Join the thousands who now have meaningful jobs, expanded their careers, and put the pieces of their lives back together. The information contained in this book will be a priceless resource for years to come. CONGRATULATIONS!

Conversations on
Customer Service & Sales

What could be more exciting than sitting down with 13 of America's preeminent experts on Customer Service and Sales? These 13 dynamic personalities share their expertise on a wide array of topics so you can get a leg up on your competition and a jump start on your success.

Weapons of Mass Instruction

If you’ve ever wished for a no-fluff handbook that taught powerful strategies for managing and resolving some of your most common “soft-skill” business problems, then your prayer has been heard. “Weapons of Mass Instruction,” by international author, John Eric Jacobsen has surpassed our expectations because not only is it a remarkable book for corporate America and its issues, but it also skillfully allows its strategies to be modified for personal—at home use. Every business and corporate level, from human resources to the mail room will find great insights and benefits within these pages. You’ll discover wisdom and profit in the areas of Business Communications, Customer Service, Conflict Resolution, Dealing with Negative People, and Corporate Wellness. Expertly and conveniently written in “Bite-Sized Form,” meaning each chapter is short, easy to read, fluff removed, and only the true “nuts & bolts” remain. Weapons of Mass Instruction is a true gem and a “Must-Read” for any business professional. Without question, this book is and will remain the ultimate and essential corporate handbook for professionals at every level.

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